some guy in missoula, mt.

posting a song a week in 2019.

fully prepared for failure.

Week 3

Week 3

High Time

One of the coolest things about this challenge is that it encourages me to finish an idea even when it feels like it is completely going off the rails. Or to pursue music that may not be in my wheelhouse. This song morphed from just a silly, dance-y, synth tune, into a song about hiding away inside the heavy crush of love and substance abuse while the rest of the world seems to fall apart. If you are not a fan of THE EFF WORD or references to casual drug use, please move along.

I hope you like it, but I understand if you don't, and I’ll be your friend no matter what.

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You are a sweet talker 
And I devour every word that you bake 
You are a fast walker 
And I struggle to keep up with your pace 
You are my beta blocker 
In a rainstorm under the roof 
You are electroshocker 
When this awful place drives me cuckoo 

And as the world gets meaner 
Our house gets cleaner 

It’s high time 
To get high 
Put on our birthday suits 
Lock the doors 
Ignore the wars 
Don’t watch the news 
There are plenty of people 
Who are much worse off 
And though I don’t know exactly who 
I’ll bet they’re fighting 
I hope they’re fighting in lieu 
Of me and you 

You are a laughing gasser 
I used to laugh at your worldview 
I am a first classer 
You once saw first class on your way to the loo 
I am the forecaster 
And there’s big storm making landfall 
We are dark matter 
It turns out we don’t matter at all 

And as the world grows ugly 
We’ll cuddle snugly 

It’s high time 
We get high 
As the world goes down the tubes 
Turn off our goddamn phones 
Blow each others’ nose 
And stop watching the fucking news 
There are plenty of people 
Who are much worse off 
Than me and you 
And I bet they’re fighting 
I’ll bet they’re fighting 
I’ll bet somebody’s fighting 
And since we’re not fighting 
I hope they do

Week 4

Week 4

Week 2

Week 2