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posting a song a week in 2019.

fully prepared for failure.

Week 44

Week 44

According To My Plan

This idea was inspired by Stefano Demira from 90s era Days Of Our Lives. He'd get himself into these situations where everything was going horribly wrong and falling apart around him and then the camera would zoom in on his face and he'd say, to no one in particular, "Everything is going according to my plan." I don't know ... maybe that only happened once. But he was definitely always talking about his fucking plan.

The song itself is a bit too silly. I like the concept, but I don't think this is quite the song. I'm sure I'll revisit someday.

Also, I used some Taiko drums from a new VST - always fun to explore new sounds like that.


My lawyer disappeared about a week ago
The secretary of state is blackmailing me
My wife ran away with a woman from Leningrad
And I really have to pee

My prisoner has escaped
The police sirens are getting louder
Their dogs are surely onto my scent by now
And I just ripped my favorite trousers

Now I watch my chateau burn to the ground
Spotlights shine down from helicopters overhead
I'm bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest
It’s a wonder I’m not dead

But as I jump into the boat, I whisper to myself...
"Everything is going according to my plan."

Week 43

Week 43