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posting a song a week in 2019.

fully prepared for failure.

Week 12

Week 12

Short and bittersweet. This week, I decided I wanted to do something with a choir in it! And it is in there during the bridge if you listen for it. Also threw in some orchestral instruments. I wanted to make something poppy and dramatic and happy and sad and … silly.

Like it? Cool! Don’t? Aw, well. Maybe next time. Love you. :)

See Ya Later

I wasn't looking for a friend
But apparently you were
You would show up here  every day
In the field while I work

You’d seem to wonder why
I don’t just up and fly
And leave this all behind me

I wasn't looking for a friend
But apparently you knew
She’s been gone for 3 years now
Or is it only 2?

You have no need for me
I used to chase you from the apple tree
But now it makes me smile to see you here again

When I look at you like I just wanna leave
You look back as if to say “just use your wings"

Silly bird

I wasn’t looking for a friend
But there you are
Looking right back like I’m dummy
As I get into my car

And say out loud, “I’ll see ya later.”

Week 13

Week 13

Week 11

Week 11