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fully prepared for failure.

Week 9

Week 9

My Own Private Mar-a-Lago

Man, I really struggled with the lyrics for this one until this morning when this strange thing came out of me. I’m bleary eyed now, unsure of how it all really sounds, and requiring much rest. But, at least I got it done.

This is a song about the spaces where everything is put together and uncomplicated. People take care of you, respond to your needs, listen to your thoughts, and maybe even appreciate your art. Not many get to experience it, but most think this is where they want to be. It’s an unattainable farce. I believe that these spaces only exist in fantasylands like Mar-a-Lago and 1980s television commercials.

Yeah, it needs work. I know. :)

Enjoy the song. Enjoy the video. I’m going to bed. I hope you find this worthy of your time but if not, just stop the song and know that I still love you to the moon and back.


I dreamed i was surrounded by my very own sycophants
My friends were smiling, talking but I couldn’t hear what they said
It was my own private Mar-a-Lago

They called me sir and offered anything i wanted
They shielded me from scrutiny no matter what i did
It was my own private Mar-a-Lago

I sidled up to the omelet bar
Like Napolean Bonaparte
"Make me one with extra ketchup and hold the caviar"

I made the rounds glad-handing every hand in sight
They snickered as they called me eloquent and erudite
It was my own private Mar-a-Lago

There was a huge Christmas palm tree
Below a huge portrait of me
In a huge mansion built on hyperbole

I was the commander and the chief
I was surrounded by gold leaf
Oh say can you see the chateau glow?
It’s my own private

Week 10

Week 10

Week 8

Week 8