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Week 26

Week 26

One Wrong Turn


I threw everything I had into this one. Pretty much all of the lessons I've been learning over the first half of the year are used in this recording. I've got tempo changes, multiple vocal harmony tracks, chord progressions that I never thought of in the past, hand edited drums and other instruments like piano, clavinet, fugelhorn, strings, lots of effects used in both both subtle and dramatic ways, and I could keep going. This project has been so daunting and yet so incredibly rewarding already.

I know that this is the 2nd song in a few weeks with a "car/driving" theme. I'm leaving today for a road trip with my daughter which has me super excited, so that may be why. This is also why I am posting earlier than my usual last minute Wednesday deadline.



I didn’t think that it would matter
When I was leaving work
And I took a wrong turn
I felt no need to go any faster
And it was a lovely day
So I figured I’d take the long way home

I didn’t think that it would matter
But then I found myself
In an unfamiliar place
I’m not a good direction asker
Anyway there’s not much
Waiting for me at home

Maybe I should
Stop and find my place
Turn around
Head back to town and

Lay down
Rest my weary frown

I didn’t think that it would matter
But now I’m chasing a setting sun
Around the next bend
Feeling relieved of all the clatter
Not ready to be done
Not ready for this to end
And go Home

Yes I know
I should go back I know
Someone there might even care

Instead I throw
My phone out the window
Buy more fuel to burn
I may never return but

I don’t think that it will matter

Week 27

Week 27

Week 25

Week 25