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Week 34

Week 34

Square Wonder

The Subreddit theme this week was HOPE.

I pretty much wrote this song as I recorded it, which was fun but led to some interesting challenges. The lyrics changed a few times, which meant that I re-recorded several layers of vocals and harmonies. The arrangement also changed significantly over time. It started out at under 2 minutes and ended up almost doubling in length as I moved sections around, added a verse, a bridge and a guitar/synth solo. There a hodgepodge of instruments in here and if I had more time, I would take much more care with the mix to give the different bits their space.


I spend too much time projecting intellectual
Implying future-perfect, well
That makes no sense
It’s only tense after all
I confessed

In my passive voice I professed my love
20 plus years past the first big shove
Our hearts bound now by weakened rope
I hope you’re not losing hope

And then you look at me like I’m dumb
As we head back to square one

I tend to let things go for way too long
Chewing on my gum until the flavor’s gone
And even when my jaw starts to wear down
I never ever spit it out

I don’t wanna burst your bubblegum
As we head back to square one

I remember when you told me that you laid awake
All night with a bad headache
And I knew right away
What you were trying to say
Didn’t I?

That was the moment you first grabbed my gut
And you held tight as it expanded but
Now it seems like all we do is reminisce
About our first kiss

So I’m gonna wake up from the slumber
And take you back to square wonder

Week 35

Week 35

Week 33

Week 33