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fully prepared for failure.

Week 1

Week 1

Happens Every Time

Here we go! I was struggling with lyrics for this one, but then I checked out the Song A Week subreddit and the week 1 theme is resolutions - which made me realize this song wanted to be about my struggle with the creative process. The reason I gave myself this challenge in the first place is because I spend way to much time second guessing, rethinking, starting over, etc… So, my Week 1 entry has become self-referential. It’s all a bit silly, really - but I had fun.

Also, I took some video while tracking and was up until the wee hours putting it all together. This will not happen every week. I’m exhausted!

Hope you dig it. I love you tons, regardless.

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Your words get heard
It’s hard to hear
Your heart outsmarts
Your inner ear
Made too much noise to disappear
And then you look up and realize that it is yet a new year

You put the quill to ink
You put the ink to paper
You put the paper in the bin
It happens every time
Until you trick your own mind
Into starting over again
From the beginning

The novelist gets pissed
And writes a poem
The poem’s shit so it
Becomes a song
The songwriter’s tired and hates to sing
And so the tune becomes just melody without a story

You press play and record
And then you play some chords
But you undo every take
It happens every time
You trick your own mind
Into making a mistake
And now you’re reeling

I don’t need an outside voice to say when I succeed
My inside voice says one more time my friend
This time with feeling

I don’t need to make any more resolutions
I just need to find some paper and a pen
And start over again

From the beginning


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Week 2

Week 2

Week 0

Week 0