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posting a song a week in 2019.

fully prepared for failure.

Week 0

Week 0


Inspired by other musicians (see here, and here, and this entire subreddit), I am challenging myself to post a song a week for the entire year in 2019. Because I know my mental state, I am keeping the rules very loose and I reserve the right to change them as I go - this is about pushing myself to get shit done without setting myself up for disappointment. Hey, get off my back, Jerry!

COMMANDMENTS, CAVEATS, AND COP-OUTS (in order of priority)

  1. My primary goal is to write a new, original song - with lyrics - every week.

  2. So maybe some weeks that doesn’t happen … well, original instrumental stuff is okay, too! Lyrics are hard and not always necessary, right?

  3. Re-working my previously written songs is acceptable, especially if it includes changes to words or arrangement. I’m making the rules here, pal. So be it.

  4. You should know: an occasional cover tune might show up. Don’t panic. When that happens, we will take a moment and then… we’ll just move along and not dwell on it. Deal? I know you’ve got my back, friend. This feels right.

  5. Every entry will be posted here and included in an album on Bandcamp for free.

  6. I’m trying to make a video of some sort for every song, too!

  7. I know this is self-indulgent and I don’t care.

  8. The goal will be to have something posted by Wednesday night (before I go to bed, so maybe Thurs morning, lol) every week. If I am out of town, I’ll figure something out - prolly by double-posting in the following weeks.


You shouldn’t. But if you decide you want to follow along and root for me - or against me - I honestly do appreciate it.


To get things started, here is the most recent song I wrote. I recorded this at the end of 2018 as part of a long delayed white elephant gift.

You can read more about it here:

Week 1

Week 1